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Before 1969

dot 1945
Vennevar Bush publishes paper on memex machine.
dot 1947

U.S.S.R. launches Sputnik, first artificial earth satellite. In response, U.S. forms the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) within the Department of Defense (DoD) to establish US lead in science and technology applicable to the military

dot 1960

J.C.R. Licklider publishes his landmark paper, "Man-Computer Symbiosis"

dot 1961

Leonard Kleinrock, MIT: "Information Flow in Large Communication Nets". First paper on packet-switching theory

dot 1962

J.C.R. Licklider & W. Clark, MIT: "On-Line Man Computer Communication".Galactic Network concept encompassing distributed social interactions

Licklider becomes the founding directory for ARPA's Information Processing Techniques Office and the behavioral science division.

Paul Baran, RAND: "On Distributed Communications Networks" Packet-switching networks; no single outage point

dot 1963

Licklider funds Engelbarts new "Augmentation Research Center" at Stanford.

President Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas.

dot 1965

Paul Baran gets funding from U.S. Air Force to experiment with a block switching network to protect communications during an nuclear war. However, he withdrew his proposal when the project was shifted to military managers.

ARPA sponsors study on "cooperative network of time-sharing computers" TX-2 at MIT Lincoln Lab and Q-32 at System Development Corporation (Santa Monica, CA) are directly linked (without packet switches) (more of the story...)

dot 1966
Larry Roberts, MIT: "Towards a Cooperative Network of Time-Shared Computers" First ARPANET plan.
(more of the story...)
dot 1967

ACM Symposium on Operating Principles Plan presented for a packet-switching network First design paper on ARPANET published by Lawrence G. Roberts

National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in Middlesex, England develops NPL Data Network under D. W. Davies

dot 1969
ARPA mails out 140 Requests for Proposals to prospective contractors to build the first four IMPs.

Source: Hobbes' Internet Timeline

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