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PBS Online is proud to present the companion Web site for the PBS television special "Triumph of the Nerds: The Rise of Accidental Empires." On television and the Internet, you can learn in vivid detail how youthful amateurs, hippies and self-proclaimed "nerds" accidentally changed the world.

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Relive the nerds' travails through the following online resources:

  • History Of The Computer
    "Nerds" are not a recent phenomenon. It took many years and many nerds to get where we are today. Check out a brief timeline outlining the history of the personal computer and the people that shaped it

  • Who Are These Nerds?
    Stats and facts about some of your favorite "nerds" from the television program

  • Can You Guess The Computer?
    An interactive "pick the computer" game that lets you test your nerd quotient. (Please make sure you download the Shockwave plug-in before you begin)

  • The TV Transcript
    A three-part transcript from the television program

  • Your Comments And Viewer Feedback
    Let us know what you think about the television program and/or online content and see what others have had to say

  • Q & A With Bob Cringely
    Computer industry gossip columnist and program host Bob Cringely answers questions submitted by viewers in his own inimitable style.

  • Bob Cringely Speaks Out Via Live Video! (VDOLive player needed)
    See and hear - via live video stream - what Bob has to say about PBS ONLINE, the future of the Internet, and future Cringely projects! (Note: To view these segments, you must have the VDOLive player software already installed. You can download it for free from VDOLive's site www.vdo.net. While the VDOLive software is usable with modem speeds as slow as 14.4kbps, a connection of 28.8kbps or faster is recommended.)

Robert X. Cringely, host of "Triumph of the Nerds."

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