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EasyLogo was designed for people with basic computer skills to make programming and problem solving as easy as possible for them.

  Free download for non commercial and educational purposes, only:     Brazilian (Portuguese) version
      Czech version (used in schools and textbooks)
      Czech version (new version with animations)
      English version
      Greek version
      Slovak version

Key features:

Different activities have various educational goals:

The user may arbitrarily browse, solve or skip activities. EasyLogo does not check a user’s solution. A user may also switch environments from the Activity mode to the Programming mode where they can freely create any drawings that they like.

Salanci, Ľubomír: EasyLogo-discovering basic programming concepts in a constructive manner. In: Constructionist approaches to creative learning, thinking and education: Lessons for the 21st century. Bratislava : FMFI UK, 2010. ISBN 978-80-89186-66-2, ISBN 978-80-89186-65-5.

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