PRASAE 2014 Peer-Review, Peer-Assessment, and Self-Assessment in Education, 1st International Workshop

Collocated with ICWL 2014, Tallinn, Estonia August 14, 2014

About PRASAE 2014


24 July 2014: Workshop program is now available.

13 May 2014: Due to delayed notificaiton from ICWL submission deadlines were further extended. You can still submit your abstract by 16 May and the full paper by 23 May.

21 Apr 2014: Submission deadlines extended by two weeks!

About the Wokshop

Peer-reviews, peer-assessment and self-assessment recently gain more and more interest in modern education. They have been used to improve the learning process in virtual learning environments (VLEs), personal learning environments (PLEs), in massive open online courses (MOOCs), but also in more traditional educational contexts. Peer-reviews and peer-assessment tasks encourage engagement with outputs produced by peer learners and thus simulate social learning. Learners also benefit from the feedback, as it is known that some of them may be more open to critical feedback from their peers compared to the instructor's feedback. Self-assessment, on the other hand, encourages reflection and contributes to key competencies such as accurate self-evaluation of ones abilities and performance, better organization of work, etc. In more informal, or massive learning applications such as MOOCs, peer- and self-derived feedback gains further importance simply as it may well be the only feedback available when there are no instructors, or they may be greatly outnumbered by the learners.

The PRASAE 2014 workshop aims to bring together a community of researchers currently interested and working on issues related to peer-assessment, peer-reviews, and self-assessment, especially in the context of web-based learning environments and applications, but also in more traditional contexts. We hope for connecting people in valuable discussion on fundamental problems, but as well recent developments, and open issues in this line of research.